Thank you for considering me as a speaker. I would be honored to partner with you to meet your objectives. My Speaking Philosophy is that despite the common term, motivational speaker, the reality is that we must motivate ourselves. Great speakers create an environment in which people are inspired from inside out to see things in a new way – and to take smart, consistent action toward different results. This is what creates more resilient, happier, and productive individuals and organizations.

On professional stages for 25 years — in addition to litigating, teaching university psychology, and hosting a TV show — my speaking and facilitation delivers results. Think I might be the right person to help with your keynote, workshop, retreat or virtual event?

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What others are saying


  • "Dr. Mollie Marti is not simply a speaker. She is an accomplished expert and leader… who has mastered the art of speaking. Want to move the dial in your organisation? Mollie can help."
    Amanda Blesing
    Speaker & Author, The Ambition Revolution, Australia
  • "Dr. Mollie Marti’s session at my firm’s national conference was so popular we had to bring more chairs into the meeting room …. twice! She packed an hour full of wisdom, insights and tools that not only fired up our investment advisors but also supported real and lasting change. She explained the concepts in an engaging way then gave results-based, real-world, easy to follow tips so the audience could take action on the ideas. The advisors left the room commenting that this one of the best sessions of our 4-day event and the most motivating!"
    Kirk J. Hulett
    Senior Vice President, Securities America Financial Corporation, Inc.

My Personal Commitment

When you select me as a speaker, my team and I dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve your objectives. I will prepare in a way that allows me to be fully present with your audience, creating an environment for meaningful and lasting change.

"Dr. Mollie Marti is not simply a speaker. She is a deeply accomplished expert and leader… who has mastered the art of speaking. Looking to move the needle in your organization? She can help." — Amanda Blesing, Author, The Ambition Revolution

Media Requests

With the unique ability to combine the science of psychology with the art of leadership, I frequently serve as a media resource.

10 Keys for Event Planners

From my experience in partnering with clients toward successful events, here are 10 Keys for Event Planners – you can use them to determine if we are a good fit:

  1. We will have some fun while sharing inspirational life stories, easy to understand research, and positive energy to create an environment for lasting impact.
  2. The best way to inquire about availability, explore fit with your audience, or get your questions answered is to use the Start a Conversation button below.
  3. A member of my team will provide prompt, courteous replies to your questions.
  4. Upon booking, I or a team member will touch base via a personal phone call to ensure I am clear on how I can best serve you and your audience.
  5. If your event is open to the public, I will announce your event on my website and/or social media channels to provide additional visibility.
  6. You will receive a professionally prepared and dynamically delivered presentation customized to meet your specific objectives.
  7. Each presentation includes simple, compelling action stepsto inspire your audience to immediately begin behaving their way to greater success.
  8. I keep set up simple: I’ll bring a flash drive for your computer. You provide a bottle of water, a lavalier mic, a screen, and a wireless clicker and we’ll be good to go.
  9. Your audience members will receive a Take Home Resource to use as a tool to help implement the ideas and strategies presented.
  10. My team will follow up after the event to make sure I met your expectations and solicit feedback for improvement.

Most Requested Topics

From preparedness and response to human resilience and leadership, some of my most requested topics are listed below.  I customize each presentation to meet your group’s specific needs and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

 THRIVE: Growing Resilience in Yourself and Others

  • Understanding the impact of trauma on the brain
  • Research-based foundations of resilience building
  • Applying the research-based THRIVE Resilience Model
  • Practices to move through daily life with more energy and ease

Worldmaker: Leading through Challenging Times

  • Unlocking your potential as a mindful leader
  • Keeping hope alive during challenging times
  • Cultivating whole-person supports
  • Positive psychology practices for energetic leadership

 Wholemaker: Engaging, Healing and Growing Others

  • Understanding our core human needs for connection and belonging
  • Applying the research-based THRIVE Resilience Model™
  • Tools to recover from and grow through life’s challenges
  • Practical strategies to stay strong as you serve others

Servant Leadership: Leading Others to Become More

  • Awakening yourself to possibility thinking
  • Communicating a clear, compelling vision
  • Keys to healthy conflict resolution and teamwork
  • Understanding the mindset and practice of stewardship

Walking with Justice: Uncommon Lessons from One of Life’s Greatest Mentors

  • Essentials of ethical leadership
  • Life lessons from an iconic public servant
  • Three keys to being an effective mentor
  • Daily practices that uplift yourself and others

Business Success Factors: Discover, Develop and Leverage Your Strengths

  • Research-based factors to build a foundation of health, wealth, and meaning
  • Practical practices to increase motivation and self-confidence
  • Three steps to quickly process and move through criticism
  • Making faster decisions that you trust


Events & Speaking Engagements

Resilience First Aid
with Lisa Cherry
February 14, 2019
Cedar Rapids, IA
The National Resilience Institute (NRI) will welcome internationally renowned speaker, author and...
Youth THRIVE Workshop
February 18, 2019
Anamosa, IA
Presented for the Anamosa School District,Youth THRIVE Jump Start! introduces a research-informed...
Resilience First Aid
March 12, 2019
Cedar Rapids, IA
The Resilience First Aid project is funded by a mental health grant...
National Summit on School Safety
March 29, 2019
Houston, Texas
Hosted by Safe and Sound Schools in Partnership with Region 4 Education...
Resilience First Aid
with Dr. David Schonfeld
April 10, 2019
Cedar Rapids, IA
David Schonfeld MD, a member the American Academy of Pediatrics Disaster Preparedness...
Resilience First Aid
May 7, 2019
Cedar Rapids, IA
The Resilience First Aid project is funded by a mental health grant...
Resiliency and Trauma-Informed Care Symposium
May 22nd, 2019
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Hosted by Tanager Place and National Resilience Institute (NRI), we hope you’ll...
ReCon Resilience Conference for Veterans
May 30, 2019
Muskegon, MI
The Veteran Resilience Conference will return May 30, 2019, to the Frauenthal...
ReCon Resilience Conference Youth Summit
May 31, 2019
Muskegon, MI
The ReCon Resilience Conference Youth Summit is coming to Muskegon County in...
Resilient Leadership: Creating a Culture of Resilience
July 1, 2019
Cedar Rapids, IA
The objectives for this training are to help participants grow leadership skills,...
6th Annual Resilience Summit: Military Resilience
October 3, 2019
Joint Base Andrews, MD
We welcome military service personnel and family members to this no-cost event...
Youth THRIVE Workshop in New Mexico
September 27, 2019
Silver City, NM
17th Annual Family Counseling Center’s Conference (Formerly Challenging Child Conference) Brought to...

More Information

If you have a question about these events – or want to explore an opportunity for resilience education in your organization or community, contact me.