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This is a place for people who are passionate about realizing human potential.

My work is designed for those who believe that our service to humanity defines the quality of our lives.

I work best with people who want research informed, holistic solutions to grow strength in themselves and others.

I promise that engaging with me and my work will help you thrive and strengthen those you serve.

Hi, I’m Mollie. A psychologist, researcher, lawyer, humanitarian and wholemaker dedicated to helping you thrive and strengthen others.

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“I’m so grateful for the community work you’re doing. If there’s anyone who can keep hope alive, it’s you!”

~Brené Brown, Ph.D., Author,
New York Times Bestseller Dare to Lead




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“Dr. Mollie Marti is a giant among women. She demonstrates true feminine leadership — a willingness to use her platform with grace and humility to uplift others and strengthen the common good.”

~Tererai Trent, Author and Oprah Winfrey’s “All-Time Favorite Guest”

What others are saying


  • “Mollie Marti is a wise success coach with a personal commitment to excellence and a passion for helping others produce results consistent with their values and aspirations.”
    Michael Port
    NY Times Bestselling Author of The Think Big Manifesto
  • “Words cannot accurately describe the high impact change that Mollie Marti can bring to your life, to your work, and to your organization. If you want to create rapid and permanent change, this is the woman that can help you do it.”
    Stephanie Frank
    Success IQ University
  • “As a head coach, I am always trying to get the most out of myself, my staff and my team. Mollie has provided tremendous expertise and tools to help each member of our team improve. From goal setting to communication to decision making, she has made a great difference. She has helped our team truly understand that individual success and team success are one in the same. Mollie is our X Factor."
    Lisa Bluder
    Head Coach, University of Iowa Women´s Basketball
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This is an important day for me. My first thought upon waking up: one year as a cancer survivor. One year ago, I underwent surgery as part of treatment to remove three malignant tumors. My second thought: more accurately, one year cancer free. My cancer survivor journey actually started on the same day in February

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Start now with what you have… together

As part of the Resilience First Aid project, a 6-month pilot I developed for the National Resilience Institute to build community resiliency and better prepare for mass disruptions, we recently held a trauma and resilience training with my UK colleague, Lisa Cherry. At a Q&A session with Lisa, me and another resiliency specialist, one participant

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