My research is informed by two decades of studying and teaching resilience and leadership in the areas of elite athletics, business, education, law enforcement, military and post-crisis environments.

One tool widely used across these various sectors is the THRIVE Resilience Model™, a simple, research-informed framework that sets forth six core capacity builders.

THRIVE programming puts into action the research that shows how positive relationships are the key to impacting values, attitudes and behavior, helping you:

  • Understand the impact of trauma on the brain
  • Gain skills to help others heal and overcome adversity
  • Master key aspects of human resilience building
  • Create environments that support emotional regulation and self-mastery
  • Facilitate collaboration within your organization
  • Practice regular self-care
  • Grow leadership skills

This holistic curriculum goes beyond a singular focus, such as bullying prevention, to support a critical foundation of mattering and purpose, strong interpersonal relationships, growth mindset, healthy coping and resilience skills building.
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