After two decades of studying resilience and leadership in athletics, business, military, education, post-crisis environments, and beyond, I have coined a term for the type of person I see working in the trenches of their organization or community to alleviate human suffering and strengthen others.


Wholemaker: a helper who skillfully grows strength, resilience and wholeness in others.

One popular tool I created for wholemakers is the THRIVE Resilience Model™, a simple yet holistic model that uses six core capacity builders to grow strength.

THRIVE training helps wholemakers grow their ability to cultivate resilience and create an environment in which all can thrive. Primary objectives include helping you:

  • Understand the impact of trauma on the brain
  • Gain skills to help others heal and overcome adversity
  • Master key aspects of human resilience
  • Build resilience using the THRIVE Resilience Model™ framework
  • Create environments that support self-regulation and self-mastery
  • Facilitate collaboration within your organization
  • Practice regular self-care
  • Grow leadership skills

This program puts into action the research that shows how positive relationships are the key to impacting values, attitudes, and behavior.
This whole person curriculum goes beyond a singular focus, such as mental illness or substance abuse prevention, to support a critical foundation of mattering and purpose, strong interpersonal relationships, growth mindset, healthy coping and resilience skills.

My research also examines those people I see leading their organizations and communities toward the type of collective problem solving and bold envisioning that is needed to create a better future in service humanity. I call this type of leader a


Worldmaker: A leader who actively collaborates to create a world of connectedness, meaning and well-being for all.

I currently serve worldmakers through THRIVE Leadership training.

For any questions about my research or training — or if you are interested in the possibility of being interviewed for books I currently am writing about wholemakers and worldmakers — please submit an inquiry here.

You also can get my free Grow Your Resilience Mindset training here.