Walking with Justice

Walking with Justice Cover“Judge’s life stands as a reminder that each day we write our eulogy. We continue shaping our legacy until our final day. It is the choices we make in the little things, when no one is watching, that set our course. We can choose good or evil, love or hatred, generosity or selfishness.”


Judge Rosenn
Judge Max Rosenn

Fresh out of law school, a young, green lawyer moved across the country to clerk for Judge Max Rosenn of the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

I went to learn the law. His lessons transformed my life.

One of the most cited judges in American history, Judge’s classroom presented a demanding work load, rigorous intellectual challenges, and a continuous grappling with ethical issues.
It also brought a passionate pursuit of justice. It was a place where a leader’s true value was defined not by personal achievements but by the compassion and healing he or she brought to humanity.

Within this inspiring portrait of a man devoted to serving others, you will hear how I lost my way when I left my mentor’s side — and how the ageless wisdom of his spiritual and professional teachings gave me a second chance to maneuver the busyness of life.

After my life imploded from a cardiac virus, returning to Judge’s guidance led me down a path of self-discovery that brought healing. I now invite you to walk this path with Judge and me. It will infuse your life with new meaning…and very well may forever change how you live.

An emotionally rich recount of Judge Rosenn’s unique philosophy, Walking with Justice is a spiritually nourishing testament to living intentionally.
~Greenleaf Book Group

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Bob Burg
Bob Burg

“Dr. Mollie has written a timeless handbook for being human”

~Bob Burg, coauthor of the international bestseller The Go-Giver



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