Most Requested Topics

I speak on topics related to resilience, leadership, community building, and ethics. My most requested topics are listed below. I will customize my presentation to meet your group’s specific needs and help you achieve your desired outcomes – including presenting these as a keynote, workshop, or one-day seminar.

THRIVE: Mastering the Science and Art of Success

  • Research-based foundations of resilience building
  • Understanding the mindset of resilience building
  • Tools to recover from and grow through life’s challenges
  • Practices to move through daily life with more energy and ease

The Resilient Leader: Growing Your Self and Others in Challenging Times

  • Unlocking your potential as a mindful leader
  • Keeping hope alive during challenging times
  • Cultivating whole-person supports
  • Positive psychology practices for energetic leadership

Servant Leadership: Leading Others to Become More

  • Awakening yourself to possibility thinking
  • Leading with the highest intention for all
  • Communicating a clear, compelling vision
  • Understanding the mindset and practice of stewardship

Walking with Justice: Uncommon Lessons from One of Life’s Greatest Mentors

  • Essentials of ethical leadership
  • Life lessons from an iconic public servant
  • Three keys to being an effective mentor
  • Daily practices that support choices to uplift yourself and others

Business Success Factors: Discover, Develop and Leverage Your Strengths

  • Research-based factors to build a foundation of health, wealth, and meaning
  • Practical practices to increase motivation and self-confidence
  • Three steps to quickly process and move through criticism
  • Making faster decisions that you trust

Community Resilience: Engaging, Connecting and Growing Your People

  • Defining, building, and leveraging Community
  • Research-based foundations of engagement and growth
  • Keys to healthy conflict resolution and team work
  • Inspiring THRIVE community strategies that you can put into action in your community or organization

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