Personal Mission Statement

Dr. Mollie MartiI am committed to living an authentic life that completely reflects my values, dreams, passions, strengths and uniqueness.

Toward this end, I commit:

  • To know myself and always strive to live consistent with my values, minimizing the distance between my true self and whom others see;
  • To be truly thankful for the gifts that I have been given, remembering God is the source of all I have;
  • To nurture my complete self (mind, body, emotions and spirit), creating more to give to others;
  • To give priority to my husband, children, family and friends, knowing they are my true treasures in life;
  • To start each day anew and live in the present moment, fearing lost opportunities more than failure;
  • To remain positive and focus on things I can do something about, not worrying about things I cannot control;
  • To dedicate my time to help others live purposeful and fulfilling lives, empowering them to become their best selves;
  • To deal with others with honesty, integrity, fairness and compassion, treating others as I would like to be treated;
  • To continually learn and grow from others and life’s experiences, never presuming that my way is the only way;
  • To take responsibility for the power of my personal freedom of choice, using all of my potential.

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