Dr. Mollie Marti BioMollie Marti is a resilience researcher, author, and educator. Her mission is crystal clear: ignite resilient leaders to thrive and serve. Known for her fierce vision of hope and wholeness, she educates and inspires audiences internationally in the areas of resilience, leadership, community building, and business ethics.

Her newest book, Walking with Justice: Uncommon Lessons from One of Life’s Greatest Mentors, has generated praise for its profound ability to bring to life a great teacher who highlights that the quality of our life is determined by the compassion and healing we bring to others on a daily basis. With its guidance on living a good, productive, and righteous life, it has been welcomed into homes, schools, workplaces, and places of worship as “a timeless handbook for being human.” She also has published numerous academic articles and co-authored The 12 Factors of Business Success: Discover, Develop, and Leverage Your Strengths and Selling: Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success.

Trained as both a social psychologist and lawyer with a background in communications, Mollie has years of experience in human dynamics, conflict resolution, group facilitation, team building, motivation, communication strategies, change management, and performance effectiveness. She has served as Associate Director of a university survey research unit, taught as an adjunct professor of psychology at the University of Iowa, and delivered innovative events through her educational companies.

When the tragic loss of three teens to suicide in her small Iowa community shifted her focus homeward, she developed the THRIVE Model of Resilience and numerous assessments and toolkits to strengthen youth and communities. In 2012, she was appointed CEO of the nonprofit National Resilience Institute, dedicated to empowering communities to stabilize toward health, grow resilience, and cultivate thriving lives. Through the Resiliency Matters cable TV show, Mollie provides tips and tools to parents, educators, and community leaders.

With her unique ability to combine the science of success with the art of life design, Mollie serves as a frequent media resource. She has been recognized by Masters in Counseling as one of the Top 99 Psychology Professors and by The Entrepreneur Blog as one of the Top 25 Business Coaches on twitter (@DrMollieMarti).

Mollie lives on an apple orchard in scenic northeast Iowa near many of her 12 siblings, alongside her husband, their three children, and large family of (zany) pets. Now this is a woman who really knows how to take a bite out of life!

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