About Mollie

Growing Resilience, Transforming Leaders.

Mollie is a resilience researcher, author and educator passionate about living vibrantly and sharing this journey in community with others. Trained both as a psychologist and lawyer, she is on a mission to ignite resilient leaders to thrive and serve others.


Mollie Marti understands our human potential to grow through challenges in a way that positively transforms us. For two decades, she has studied resilience in athletics, business, education, and other settings. As Director of the nonprofit National Resilience Institute, Dr. Marti provides research-based tools to help communities recover from traumatic loss and support thriving lives. From mentoring leaders to nurturing resilient communities, check out Mollie’s latest work.


In addition to academic articles, Dr. Marti shares the story of her life’s greatest mentor in Walking with Justice and provides strategies for thriving in business and life in The 12 Factors of Business Success.  Her high impact teachings and inspiration encourage you to celebrate your innate goodness and empower you to make a bigger impact through daily practices that allow you to uplift yourself and others. Read The Resilient Leader Blog (Link Needed).


A passionate educator with experience teaching college and university psychology courses, Mollie Marti delivers a wide range of lectures, workshops, and retreats in the areas of resilience, leadership, community building, and business ethics. As host of Resiliency Matters TV, she provides bite-sized pieces of research and best practices to grow through adversity. This seasoned lecturer thrives on offering inspiring, entertaining, research driven talks customized for each audience.  Start a conversation about booking Mollie.

Bigger Picture

Twenty years ago as a young professional, I sat down and wrote a Personal Mission Statement. To my amazement, this document continues to reflect who I seek to be (no amendments needed yet…). If you want to know what makes me tick, this is a good place to start.


Mollie Marti is a resilience researcher, author, and educator. Her mission is crystal clear: ignite resilient leaders to thrive and serve. Known for her fierce vision of hope and wholeness, she educates and inspires audiences internationally in the areas of resilience, leadership, community building, and business ethics. Read More…