Since writing to share my 2015 theme AbunDANCE!…it’s been flowing…and I’ve been learning some new dance moves.

I completed a four month Heroic Public Speaking immersion course with Michael Port and Amy Mead that felt like going back to grad school. A profound, intense learning opportunity that brought new skills and brilliant people into my life. I wholeheartedly recommend any training available by these two – especially as a dynamic duo. They over-delivered in helping me take my resilience and leadership messages to more people hungry to hear them.

My Boys
Mollie with Chris Brogan, Scott Stratten and Bob Burg.

While at their live event in Florida, I met long-time twitter pals Chris Brogan and Scott Stratten (who were as full of goodness as I thought they might be) and got caught up with my dear friend Bob Burg – each a tremendous author/speaker worth checking out if you aren’t yet familiar with their work. Fun photo.

Upon my return, I keynoted the Norman Amaker Midwest Public Interest Law & Social Justice Retreat hosted by Loyola Law School. Not only did I enjoy delivering the leadership message, but spending time with this extraordinary group of young leaders renewed my hope for our future!

I ended up cancelling the one trip that was actually planned for this spring… to attend a local Women of Influence award ceremony. Still savoring the wonderful night of celebration with family and team members! If you’d like to hear highlights of my work and those who have influenced my leadership, here’s an informal video of my brief acceptance speech.

As referenced in the video, last month our Advisory Board expanded the container for this work to the National Resilience Institute. New website in progress… contact me directly with any questions or inquiries for support.

Add to the mix a couple weeks of March Spring Break with our kiddos and a visit by our exchange daughter’s parents from Germany and think we’re pretty caught up from my side. Would love to hear what is unfolding in your life. As always, you newsletter subscribers can just hit Reply if there’s something you’d like to share – or drop me a note on social media.

Running in the background of all this activity has been an unexpected opportunity to travel to Thailand for 10 days in April that entails resilience work with a nonprofit refugee center as well as plenty of adventure and retreating. You know I strongly believe that you don’t need to travel around the world to find yourself or find your joy. I do much of this from my little corner of the world…in Iowa :=) Yet, the way this invitation laid itself on my heart called me toward a quick and resounding yes!

Since making this decision – taking this leap of faith – I’ve experienced so many connections and “coincidences” that have left me in awe of how we are supported when we make bold choices aligned with the core of who we are and who we want to be. You might enjoy reading my travel companion’s journey with the unfolding of this Wild adventure amidst some major changes in her life.

When life gets especially busy or tough or demanding, we tend to think that we need to put off things we really want to do because, well you know, “life gets in the way.” Michael and Amy provided a reframe when helping students stay on track through the speaking course… “life IS the way.”

Life IS the way.

I hope you find this as helpful as I did. You can make choices that nurture you, your greatest priorities, and boldest dreams – not despite but within the fullness of your life.

If you’re waiting for life to “settle down” before you take action toward what you know you’re meant to do, then you — and those you are here to help – will lose.

Live boldly within all that is…today.

Wild. Wild indeed.

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