Can We Have This Dance?

Each year, I select a theme to help keep my compass pointing north through the coming year. My 2014 theme was CHOICES.

As the New Year approached, the leading contender for my 2015 theme was joy. This came from the discovery and commitment made during 2014 that if I couldn’t do the bigger work I’ve found myself doing in the world with a joyful heart, then I would choose not to do it.

This bigger work includes serving as CEO of the National Resilience Institute, empowering individuals, families, schools, and communities to keep hope alive as they recover from tragic losses and maneuver their way to a new normal of resilient living.

The rub is that this work has become work that I cannot not do. It runs to the core of who I am and the truth of why I am here.

Over this past year, as I grew my message to post-crisis communities that resilient living represents a way of being and doing that goes beyond times of adversity, I walked my own path of creating a deep well from which to draw as I lived and worked with purpose and with joy.

Toward the end of 2014, a friend in one of my virtual support groups (thank you Sarah Rudell Beach!) shared her take on the word abundance and graciously allowed me to run with it…


Seeing this word instantaneously unleashed torrents of reminders of how I want to live in the New Year – and beyond…

Reside in possibilities. Keep hope alive. You have enough. You are more than enough.

Your heart is made to serve so when you follow your heart, you serve in more meaningful ways.

Life is about making every moment count – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually – for yourself and others. Think abundantly BIG about how you want to walk in service to others in ways that nourish you.

Living your life’s purpose isn’t the pathway to inner peace and joy, but rather cultivating peace and following your bliss is how you find and live your greatest purpose.

Joyful service comes not from seeking to please others but from being true to the whole of your self.

Creativity comes not from making what you think others expect or will like but is inspired by innate curiosity and a heart overflowing with loving compassion.

Following joy in each moment will help you stay present and create more experiences that you truly want in your life. Dance your way to more!

Dancing to your authentic beat attracts fellow seekers who follow curiosity, savor possibilities, listen to inner wisdom, act boldly with courageous trust, and generously co-create a more abundant future for all.

The more light you unleash, nurture and share from within, the brighter the world in which you live will be.

When you dance like no one is watching…shining your unique light with love and joy…miracles happen and lives are transformed.

AbunDANCE reminded me that staying connected to following my joy nourishes how I want to feel within and outside of work… content, loved and loving, and vibrantly ALIVE! The more I feel these feelings, the more I choose to prioritize relationships, activities, and perspectives that fuel abundant living. In other words, I effortlessly make better choices that rejuvenate me.

This past year has provided extraordinary experiences of attracting brave hearts – dear hearts – who share my passion to strengthen those who’ve experienced traumatic loss. We have discovered new ways to connect to each other, to our work, and to those we serve. This has led to an impressive list of successes during the first year of our nonprofit status, including the Resiliency Matters TV show, our first national Thriving Lives conference, and providing post-crisis response and THRIVE community work to people across the country.

We enter the New Year with open hearts, great hope, and ample space for welcoming additional partners dedicated to working together for the greater good.

Being guided by abunDANCE will help me guide our team in a way that pressing needs will be met, aching hearts will be healed, and our individual and collective light will shine forth as a beacon through any darkness.

Whatever your work in the world, may you join me on this journey of more deeply understanding and living this truth: It is possible to cultivate deep, abiding joy as you seek to remedy the injustices that break your heart.

You can joyfully do high impact work to meet serious needs. In fact, following and dancing to your bliss holds the key to making our world a better place.

Think about it. Nobody else in this whole wide world has your vision, your voice, or your solutions. So build, heal, play, live, and shine as only you can.

Can we have this dance?

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